Women can’t name their own body parts correctly and men have no idea how a clitoris looks like.. we’re here to help, guys - we put it on a tshirt for you :)

Everyone knows how to draw a penis, but almost no one can draw a vulva (yes it’s called vulva, not vagina!) - let alone name the different parts . That’s not cool! We say praise them both and join us in our mission to show the world how beautiful the human body is.


Stop telling men to man-up and let women f*** decide what they want do with their bodies. And also: free that nipple.. I mean.. come on!


We’re always trying to support this cause in every possible way. That’s why we’re also giving 5% of every purchase to charities and organisations that share our values.

In addition all our products are made with 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester from plastic bottles.  That means everything is GMO-free, uses 70% less water than standard cotton and no chemicals are used during its production.

We chose our partners very carefully and made sure they share our values. So everything is fair trade, GOTS-certified and audited by the Fair Wear Foundation.

We’re especially proud that equality is almost fully respected among the employees in our factories.


Global Organic Textile Standard


GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. It is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological & social criteria. Every factory is monitored by an independent organisation each year. More information


Fair Wear Foundation

The Fair Wear Foundation is an international multistakeholder initiative that aims to improve working conditions in textile factories all around the globe - hand in hand with their members. More information


Global Recycled Standard

The Global Recycled Standard certifies how much recycled matter is contained within a product, and confirms that strict environmental and social criteria have been met throughout the manufacturing process.